5 Steps To A Relaxing Night

There are two times we should always try to avoid stress: when we wake up in the morning and when we go to sleep at night. Going to sleep stressed out can actually cause a bad night sleep and a more difficult wake up in the morning. No one wants that. Here are 5 steps to guarantee a relaxing evening:

  1. Do a late night stretch, like yoga!
  2. Never skip dinner, but do try and keep dinner the lightest meal of the day, try something light like a salad or soup
  3. Wind down with a relaxing herbal tea, non-caffeinated of course (try peppermint)
  4. Pamper yourself with some relaxing aromatherapy like a hot bath or smoothing body butter, and finally,
  5. Don't drink cold water, only room temperature! The cold water can shock your system, room temperature water is actually better for you.

Watch the playlist above for restorative yoga moves, homemade beauty supplies and recipes!