5 Recipes To Get You In The Mood for Spring

Every year when spring rolls around, we start to switch our diets from warm and comforting to something more light and satisfying. We look for fresh ingredients and recipes with minimal preparation time, that will fill us up but not weigh us down. After all, the weather is warming up and swimsuit season is around the corner! Two ingredients we love to incorporate at all times are omega-3 and protein-rich foods: salmon and avocado. They're both super foods in their own right, bursting with nutrition and protein that keeps us full. Another 'trick' we like to do is make zucchini noodles in lieu of carbohydrate-rich pasta. Disclaimer: we love pasta just as much as the next, but sometimes it's good to cut down on the carbs. Watch the playlist above for 5 easy-to-make, healthy recipes to cook this weekend!