5 Home DIY's To Try This Week

Loving your living space is essential. You should be surrounded by aethestically pleasing things that make you happy. It's actually psychologically proven that if you enjoy the space you spend most of your time, you are a happier person! So, why not customize your space to make it more individual? We love home DIY projects that are as useful as they are pretty. We're also huge fans of doing things like this on a realistic budget. We gave an old, vintage side table a new life with just a few tweaks, totally updated our shelves by adding adorable animal bookends, and fancied up our bar area with a cool gemstone-adorned mirror tray. Organize your most used kitchen supplies (that generally have ugly packaging) with our simple kitchen cannister project, and give your table a pretty facelift with a couple of floral votives. All of these projects are incredibly easy, and fun! Watch the playlist above and tell us what you'd try in the comments below!