For most of us, the holiday season is filled with more sugar, carbs and "indulgent" food than any other time of year. With the chaos of parties, entertaining and vacation days, it's really easy to get thrown off your regular routine of working out, healthy meals and down-time. But this year can be different! Keep the breakfast and dinner recipes in the playlist above in your back pocket for nutrient-dense meals that take less than 20 minutes to make. Because if you have 60 minutes to sit on the couch binge watching Gilmore Girls, you definitely have time to take care of your body! For breakfast, smoothies and oatmeal are easy ways to get your super foods and nutrients without added sugars. For dinner, the recipes above are low-carb and filled with protein, antioxidants, fiber and healthy fats. Make this holiday season less stressful by taking care of your body and allowing yourself some ME time.