5 Ready-To-Go Lunches To Try

We all know that packing lunch is healthier and less expensive, but let's face it: going out and getting a well-prepared meal is what we look forward to at our 9-5's. What if we told you that you can make a meal that good on your own, and look forward to it just the same? Seriously! These 5 lunches, packed correctly, are delicious, satisfying and easy to make. The best way to pack sandwiches is to assemble the morning of, and wrap tightly in tin foil. If the sandwich has a dressing (like a vinaigrette), avoid adding it until you're ready to eat (so the bread doesn't get soggy). If you're packing a salad, keep your dressing on the side and protein separate. When it's lunch time, assemble it together and VOILA! This is also key if you want your salad to be cold and protein to be warmed up. As for our lettuce wraps, keep the filling in a container and bring some lettuce wraps in a bag - again, assemble when ready to eat! You can always turn that into a filling salad, too. For a snack, we love almond butter rice cakes, roasted chick peas or homemade potato chips. What are your favorite work or school lunch recipes? Tell us in the comments below!