5 DIY's for Coachella

Festival season is officially upon us and the first stop: COACHELLA! Summer festivals are the perfect place to rock eclectic outfits, bold nail art and of course, flower crowns. There is so much room to individualize your outfits and stand out in the [fashionable] crowd, we're giving you 5 simple ways to make it happen. Personalize jean shorts by giving them a little makeover: add patches of your favorite fabric to totally change the look. You can add some spunk to your sunglasses by embellishing them with beads, gems and pearls. There will be tons of flower crowns floating around Coachella, but how many of them will be made by hand with fresh flowers? We're showing you how to make one from scratch with floral crown expert, Cult Gaia. Another way to freshen up your look is by packing up some hair chalk and giving yourself an impromptu color process for the day. Applying is as easy as 1, 2, 3! (Another plus: hair chalk comes out super easily so you can change the color or get rid of it.) Lastly, nail art. Jump into a neon carnival vibe with our newest colorful mani with Nail Swag.