5 Great Breakfast Bowls To Try

One of our favorite ways to start the morning is with a big, satisfying breakfast bowl. They're easy to pack if you're on the run and easy to make healthy. These 5 variations have something for everyone. The Chia Pudding is ideal to prepare the night before, in the morning all you do is add your toppings & go! Plus, chia seeds are a great superfood packed with loads of omega-3's. The 2 oatmeal bowls are warm and satisfying, we have one for the sweet tooth and one for the savory-lover. Never thought that thyme and lemon zest would pair well with a bowl of oats? Think again! Speaking of savory, our French Start Breakfast is inspired by the book French Women Don't Get Fat, so you know it's a winner. It's a flavor-packed yogurt bowl with everything from lemon juice, to flaxseed oil and oats. It keeps you full for hours on end, omitting those pre-lunch snack attacks. Last but not least, our (vegan) Acai Bowl is our newest go-to. It's basically a smoothie bowl, packed with antioxidants from the acai, fresh fruit and coconut; the perfect way to start spring. We wanna hear it, what are your favorite breakfast bowls?!