4 Ways To Prepare Chicken

There are so many health benefits of chicken, coupled with the endless ways it can be prepared, it's one of the best meats you can buy. It's extremely high in protein (which aids in bone health, satiety, energy) and B-complex vitamins (which aid in cardiovascular health and metabolism). It's important to know where your meat is coming from, though. Make sure you go to a butcher or market you trust; try to buy the grass-fed, pasture-raised options. Roasting a whole chicken is a fantastic way to get your protein for the entire week. You can save it and add it to salads, pastas and soups (would be great with this minestrone soup). Sauteed chicken is great to use for sandwiches, like this chicken caesar sandwich. Lastly, baked chicken is ideal for dinner - we have two effortless and flavorful dishes that are guaranteed to satisfy at the end of a busy day. Knowing how to cook poultry and meat properly is extremely important, it must be cooked in a clean environment until it's the right temperature to avoid the risk of getting sick. Always use a separate knife and cutting board while preparing meat - never the same as any vegetables. Wash your hands continuously and invest in a thermometer. Then dig in, and ENJOY!