Valentine's Gifts for Your Friends

This Valentine's Day, show your appreciation for the people you love with a homemade gift. There's nothing more heart-felt than a gift made by hand; it shows time, effort and thought went into something special. In lieu of friendship bracelets, make a few geometric necklaces for your best friends. Bring a big, colorful peonie bouquet for your co-workers to brighten up the office. Leave a couple of pop bottle vases at your mom, aunt and grandma's door steps - it will undoubtedly make their day. Last but not least, our lavender bath salts are the perfect gift (only 4 ingredients) and... what girl doesn't like to be totally pampered by a nice hot bath?! If you're planning a date night in with your beau, here's 4 chocolate recipes that are guaranteed to impress and your guide to the perfect meal and outfit. And of course, leaving these sweet love notes around the house will make anyone smile.