When it comes to beautiful skin, there are thousands of products that can help (our favorites here) but there are also a few skin tips that are evergreen. It all starts from the inside--so a healthy diet high in probiotics and alkaline foods is really important. We also rounded up 7 foods that can really help get that glow from the inside-out, high in vital nutrients that support your digestive system (watch in the playlist above!). On top of you-are-what-you-eat, there is an ancient technique called skin brushing that is a staple in the LEAF-girls wellness routine. It helps rid dead skin cells from the surface while providing circulation, some even say it reduces the appearance of cellulite. It's worth a try for a whopping $13! Lastly, the key to beautiful skin lies in these 10 tips. Spoiler: Clean your phone screen regularly, drink tons of water and apply products in the correct order--you'll have to watch the playlist above for ALL the tips!