3 Delicious Ways To Eat Spiralized Zucchini

Whether you're opting to reduce simple carbohydrates in your diet, experimenting the elimination of gluten, or just love trying new things -- Zucchini noodles are about to be your new best friend. They can be served raw or cooked, and can easily take on numerous flavor profiles. In the recipes above, we share how they can be prepared as 1) Raw, Vegan, Fettuccine Alfredo [seriously], 2) Tortilla Noodle Soup, and 3) Steamed in parchment paper with pesto. All of these dishes prove the malleability of 'zoodles', but you can also heat them up with your favorite sauce & toppings to see how it tastes. Finish your meal feeling satisfied, light and healthy! #plantbased #glutenfree You can buy your own spiralizer for less than $10 here, or sign up for

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