Why do so many men love high heels on women? Such shoes can make walking more difficult and, if worn daily over a prolonged period, can even injure the feet and damage the spine. However, many women like to wear them because it enhances their attractiveness to the opposite sex. There are several reasons why that's true.

Hyperfeminine Form

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Wearing high heels forces the back to arch more, pushing the bosom out and the buttocks back. Because women are standing in a position that's more unstable than if they were wearing flats, their core kicks in, flattening the abdomen a bit. High heels accentuate the female form by exaggerating its curves.

Swaying Hips

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Voland and Grammer's book "Evolutionary Aesthetics" states that movement can be a factor in determining attractiveness. Slow hips moving in a wide figure 8 were considered highly attractive. Women who wear heels sway their hips more.

Longer Legline

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High-heeled shoes make legs look longer and more shapely. Women's legs appear more toned, especially the calf muscle.

Foot Arch

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The extra arching of the foot in a high-heeled shoe is also considered feminine and attractive.

Height Advantage

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Heels, of course, make a woman appear a few inches taller. Depending on a man's taste, he may find that appealing. However, this point is arguable, since research cited in"Evolutionary Aesthetics" states that on average, men prefer women who are shorter than they are.

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