What to Wear Arm Warmers With

By Kristin Lane

Adding arm warmers to your wardrobe puts you on the edge of fashion and into part of the trendy crowd. Wearing arm warmers can be reserved for chilly days or used as part of a layered look. Branding yourself by adding them to your wardrobe as a regular feature sets you apart from the crowd with a unique, memorable appearance. Having a few extra arm warmers in your wardrobe allows you to mix-and-match with different outfits.

Warm Up

When the weather begins to dip a bit lower and the leaves begin to fall, add arm warmers to your outfits for a little more warmth. Adding arm warmers to an outfit of short sleeves and jeans, or even shorts, is perfectly acceptable for early fall. The warmth arm warmers provide cannot be beat. Stay confident. If this style is new to you or makes you a bit uncomfortable, soon you will adjust to the feel and look.

Layer It

Layers provide depth for any outfit and help create unique style. Layers are acceptable any time of year and depend on your personal level of comfort as to whether or not they work for you temperature-wise. Adding arm warmers to layers when it gets cold outside, or in an office environment kept cool, is a great way to add fashion and warmth. Long-sleeved, tight T-shirts, vests and short-sleeved hoodies all partner well with arm warmers for a layered look.

Brand Yourself

Making yourself unique in any environment remains a challenge. Partnering arm warmers with most of your outfits can set you apart from the crowd and make a statement that is unforgettable. Many styles of arm warmers wear well over fabric. The ones that don't wear well under fabric. No matter what you wear, if you have good basic colors or just don't care about matching, adding arm warmers makes you look like you enjoy making bold choices.

Extra, Extra

Buying arm warmers when you come across ones you like helps you wear them more frequently. Basic black is a great start, but so much more is available on the market. Buy ones with patterns and bold colors to mix with outfits and other bold colors you have in your closet.