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The circle symbol is recognized around the world. Today, it still means everlasting love.


Knowing the meaning of the circle symbol will help you communicate through them and understand when others are using them to communicate with you.


According to Ancient-Symbols.com, the ancient Egyptian shen, a loop of rope in the form of a circle, symbolized the eternal because it had no beginning and no end. The article "Promise Ring History and Wedding Ring History" states that the symbol of eternity was synonymous with love, as the Egyptians saw love as everlasting. Because of this, a theory holds that the Egyptians designed a symbol that could be worn around the finger—a ring.

Cultural Adaptations

According to The American Wedding, the circle symbol lived on, meaning love and marriage in several cultures, such as the Celtic and Roman.

Contemporary Meaning

Today, rings are still exchanged as symbols of undying love in wedding ceremonies. Additionally, jewelry pieces featuring circular pendants have recently become popular. Many of these pendants bear names that refer to the circle's symbolic meaning of eternal love.

Fun Fact

The second verse of the popular Girl Scout song, "Make New Friends," refers to the circle's symbolic meaning. Instead of romantic love, however, the song is about a different kind of love—friendship.