Sharif handbags are a designer accessory known for their uniqueness in design, while remaining functional. The Sharif family actually began producing handbags in Egypt in 1827, but it is the modern-day ones that are well known.


Sharif, who only uses his last name on his designs, is from Alexandria, Egypt. He began putting together his own handbag designs when he was still a small child.


Sharif Designs Incorporated is a privately held company that was incorporated in 1979. It has been located in New York since then, with a manufacturing plant in Long Island City.


The style of Sharif involves putting together the perfect colors so the bag is considered a fashion statement. Sharif has also always been concerned that his bags feel good and work well for wearers.


Sharif has always designed each handbag using a wide range of materials, including animal skins, canvases, tapestries and leather. The Sharif purses are also known for unusual hardware and linings.

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