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Fossil is a popular brand name. Fossil makes watches, clothing, accessories and handbags. Their handbags are usually very well made, and they often receive high reviews from customers. If you own a Fossil handbag, you are probably quite happy to have it. The handbags can be expensive, costing several hundreds of dollars per bag. Proper care and upkeep of your Fossil handbag will keep it looking newer for longer. Cleaning your handbag is an essential step in keeping your handbag looking nice.

Clean the inside of your Fossil handbag by emptying the bag of all its contents. Then turn the handbag upside down and shake out any crumbs or debris that may be too small to pick up with your fingers. If you want to gently turn out the liner, then do so.

Take a slightly damp washcloth and a small amount of laundry stain remover to remove any stains on the liner. Use the most gentle stain remover you can find. OxiClean may be the best choice, since it is supposed to be very gentle on fabrics.

Let the liner air dry completely before refilling your handbag with your personal items. You can let the liner stay outside the handbag while it dries.

Use a dry washcloth to wipe over the outside of your leather Fossil handbag. Fossil discourages use of chemical cleaners on the leather parts of your bag. Instead, gently scrape away stuck-on debris. Wipe the key that is usually attached to Fossil handbags. Only use a dry cloth to clean the key and other metal parts of the bag. This will remove fingerprints and grime.

Use a high quality leather conditioner to condition the leather on your Fossil handbag. Condition the handbag three to four times a year and your handbag will remain supple and soft.


Test the laundry stain remover on a small area before using it on your Fossil handbag liner. Always read reviews and check credentials of cleaners before shipping out your handbag.