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The word diamond creates a feeling of something special, precious and valuable. While you may think and dream about natural diamonds, you can pursue other options such as diamonart that can provide you with beautiful sparkling jewelry. Diamonds created in the lab may lack the mysteries linked to wearing a diamond found in a cave but new inventive ways of making diamonds have made it more difficult to tell the difference.


The word diamond means unbreakable and diamonds are one of the hardest materials. Diamonds are composed of one element - carbon. Diamonds are formed under high pressure and temperatures. It takes millions of years for diamonds to form and they are brought to the surfaces by deep volcanic eruptions beneath the surface of the earth. Diamonds can be produced synthetically by mimicking the conditions, and these diamonds resemble natural diamonds in appearance.


Diamonart pieces are lab created diamonds. Simulated diamonds are considered the closest alternative to natural diamonds, and they are made of glass, mineral or synthetic materials. Simulated diamonds share many optical properties of natural diamonds. Diamonart jewelry uses a polishing system of applying diamond dust, which gives the diamonds luster and shine. It is not always possible to cut stimulated diamonds in the certain ways of the genuine stones since they are softer. However, the simulated diamonds used in diamonart have hardness, and the diamonds can be cut to reflect light in a maximum way.

Luster and Shine

According to Russian Brilliants, some jewelers have difficulty distinguishing a natural diamond from some kinds of simulated diamonds. Diamonart jewelry has a luster and shine that has many similarities with natural diamonds. The diamonds are cut proportionally giving them a bright glistening finish. Natural diamonds are not perfect and the cutting often has to be adjusted to avoid revealing the flaws. The diamonds used in diamonart have fewer inclusions than real diamonds so they are clearer. Inclusions such as cracks can make the diamond look cloudy or whitish. The most precious diamonds are clear.

Price and Value

Diamonart is less expensive than natural diamonds -- in some instances, around 90 percent less expensive. But unlike natural diamonds, diamonart is not rare and not considered the best investment option. Diamond Diva says natural diamonds hold their value and they may increase in value.


The natural diamond gives you more designs from which to choose. Yet diamonart is becoming more popular and more designs are being introduced into the market. Diamonart jewelry pieces are often large to show off the sparkling diamonds, while the designs with natural diamonds often are smaller due to the cost involved in using a large natural diamond.

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