Silver charm bracelet

David Yurman studied design at New York University and apprenticed under the artists Jacques Lipchitz and Theodore Rozark. Thus, he was able to evolve completely as a designer, artist and sculptor. His jewelry line has not been around for a long time: the first store opened on Madison Avenue in New York in 2000. However, the designer uses top models to advertise his pieces such as Kate Moss and Linda Evangelista, which has caused success in his company. Because of this success, fakes abound on the Internet and in stores. However, many of these fakes often have defining characteristics.

Turn the piece over completely. Look for the David Yurman logo. Somewhere on the piece of jewelry should be etched in small letters: "D.Y. 925." Most fakes do not have this detail, or they have it incorrectly: "925 DY"

Look at the price. A real David Yurman piece will never have a price tag that is less than half of what you would pay in a store. Prices of David Yurman pieces range from $1,300 to $3,000. Thus, a David Yurman ring or necklace for less than $600 is most likely a fake.

Ask for the Certificate of Authenticity. If the piece of jewelry doesn't come with one, it's a fake. However, some imitators have been making forged documents of authenticity so, it's best to call David Yurman customer relations at 888-888-4757 and ask if they can verify the certificate that you have in front of you.

Look at the gems. David Yurman pieces are famous for sparkling gems with a dazzling brilliance. Most fakes tend to have hazy, muted stones of lower quality that simply don't sparkle in the same way.