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Lia Sophia is a jewelry company that offers distinguished pieces at affordable prices. The jewelry is not sold in stores, but rather Lia Sophia saleswomen work individually to host parties and attract customers who are interested in purchasing the jewelry. If you have a piece of jewelry and are unsure whether it's made by the Lia Sophia brand, combining all of the key characteristics can help you conclude whether you have Lia Sophia jewelry in your possession.


If you turn an authentic Lia Sophia piece of jewelry inside out -- or look underneath the bottom portion -- you will find the jewelry doesn't have an imprinted signature. The pieces are not branded, which is one way to distinguish a Lia Sophia piece from high end jewelry that contains a marking on the inside. Instead, Lia Sophia prints the Lia Sophia name on a tag that comes wrapped around the jewelry item. The tag is cut off before the jewelry is worn.


Lia Sophia jewelry is considered costume jewelry, because the company does not use real precious metals. For instance, the gold jewelry found in the Lia Sophia catalogue is not real gold -- all items are plated. Additionally, the gemstones used in the jewelry are designed to look like higher quality gemstones but are actually made from clear or dyed crystals. If you have a piece of jewelry that you are trying to identify, look for evidence that the gold plating is peeling off or identify whether the stones in the piece are real.


The Lia Sophia line has a distinguished style that makes it recognizable among other jewelry designers. One theme that Lia Sophia uses is geometric shapes to create modern looking jewelry. Many pieces of Lia Sophia jewelry incorporate bubbles, circles, angles, triangles and combinations of them all. This is one of the key signature characteristics of their jewelry. So, if you are identifying a pair of earrings, and the earrings have dangling circles with a square shape over them, or triangles dangling from the dangling circle, you could be looking at Lia Sophia earrings. This modern look is prevalent with jewelry designed by Lia Sophia.


Many Lia Sophia jewelry pieces mix metals with bold colors, such as gold or silver with black or red. The colors are designed to stand out, which goes along with the contemporary theme of the jewelry. You can, however, find Lia Sophia jewelry that is simple and does not offer a lot of color, such as gold earrings with clear crystal gemstones or silver pendants.