silver pendant with chain on grey background
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The Brighton company manufactures a variety of women's accessory including shoes, handbags, eye wear, belts, luggage, wallets and jewelry. Brighton jewelry is characterized by chunky silver pieces with a black background that looks tarnished. Each piece is decorated with elaborate scroll work and swirls. In addition, consumers can purchase other Brighton items, such as belts, that match their jewelry design. Identifying authentic Brighton jewelry is sometimes difficult due to the many imitators that exist.

Look for silver jewelry that has the word "sterling" stamped on the back. Brighton only produces silver- plated jewelry. It does not produce gold or dual-toned jewelry, although multicolored stones are sometimes used.

Rub your finger across the jewelry piece to check for a raised surface. All Brighton jewelry has raised lettering, scrollwork and other decorative features. The background behind the raised surface has a black appearance to it.

Look for a a thick braided metal chain on bracelets and necklaces. The Brighton company never uses thin metal chains. Occasionally some of the more casual jewelry uses a black rope as a chain.

Look for the Brighton heart logo on the jewelry piece. Although it is not on every product Brighton manufactures, the heart logo is on many pieces. In addition, Brighton jewelry is often shaped in a heart or a tiny heart charm is attached to it.

Hold the jewelry piece in your hand to see if it feels heavy. This is an indicator that it is a Brighton piece. Many imitators coat hollow pieces to look like Brighton, but these pieces are very light in weight.


  • Brighton jewelry is always sold under the name Brighton. Jewelry advertised as Brighton Beach, Brighton Bay or Diane Brighton are fake jewelry pieces.