What Is Hair Glue?

By Ryn Gargulinski

Hairstyles have come a long way from a single ponytail or simple bob. Hair can now be teased, spiked, wired, wrapped and stuck in that position with a generous dollop of hair glue. Hair glue is a heavy-duty styling product that will stand up to the weather, the pillow and even water, keeping your hair how you want it. To use it, all you need is a thick head of hair and a lot of imagination.

What Is Hair Glue?

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Hair glue comes in myriad types to suit a variety of preferences. For those who prefer a spray, choices include got2be's Glued Blasting Freeze Spray in aerosol, Glued Rubber Spiking Cement in a pump or Joico's Spiker Blast Spray Adhesive, another aerosol. Gel lovers can turn to got2be's Glued Styling Spiking Glue or Joico's ICE Spiker Water Resistant Styling Glues. More are available from other companies, usually with similar options.


Spikes are one of the common styles achieved with hair glue, although the product can bend and fold hair into a lot of different styles and keep it that way. To create spikes, apply the product through the hair, twisting small sections into spikes and top them off, if necessary, with a dollop of more glue. Longer tresses that tend to bend can be reinforced by twisting the spikes around wire. You can also create hair that stands on its end, stays pushed to one side, or remains slicked back into a hard, impenetrable helmet.


Hair glue is one of the strongest hair products on the market and can keep your hair in the desired shape through many weather conditions and other factors. Hair glue is often water-resistant, which means it will hold up in a light rain but washes out when you add shampoo. Other features a good hair glue will have include the ability to harden into a various shapes and the ability to defy gravity.


Hair glue differs from other products in that it is the strongest, hardest hold available. Pastes might also spike hair, but they tend to do so by adding thickness and texture and leaving the hair a bit pliable. Regular gels will hold to a degree, but will not completely harden as durably as the hair glue. Traditional hairspray is meant to give hair an overall hold in a fluffier, more natural style--not hold a head full of lethal spikes.


Hair glue is definitely not the product you want if you are going for a natural look. Hair that is twisted into odd shapes and standing on end doesn't look natural to begin with, but the hair glue will add another unnatural dimension. The product usually leaves a hard, crusty and sometimes shiny sheen. It is not something you'd want to run your fingers through, even if you could get them through the hair glue.