You can make your coarse hair soft and manageable.

Coarse hair is difficult to style and can look like a brillo pad on your head if you're not careful. Because coarse hair is so thick, it needs a lot more moisture than other hair types. Thus, you have to spend extra time on the maintenance of your hair, but it'll be worth it when you run your hands through your formerly coarse hair and feel the silky softness.

Use a conditioner after shampooing. Do not skimp on this step. You can find a quality conditioner at any drug store. Buy a conditioner for dry or coarse hair and follow the directions on the label.

Apply a special moisturizing treatment once a week. You don't have to spend a fortune — in fact, you can use ingredients already in your home, such as mayonnaise. Just apply enough mayonnaise to evenly cover your hair. Leave it in for an hour, then wash it out with your shampoo. Alternatively, apply a hot oil treatment using olive oil or jojoba oil. Warm the oil in a microwave and apply it to your hair. Leave it in your hair for at least 15 minutes before you wash it out.

Allow your hair to dry naturally as much as possible. Stay away from heat, such as blow dryers, curling irons or hair straighteners, which can rob your hair of moisture. If you must use a heated styling product, apply a heat-protector spray first. Find alternative ways to style your hair. For instance, you can use large plastic rollers on damp hair to straighten it. You can also use sponge rollers in your hair to add waves.


Get a trim every six weeks to get rid of split or frayed ends. Coarse hair splits easier, and you don't want it to split up the hair shaft. Also, when swimming in a pool, the chlorine can damage and dry hair. Use a rubber cap if possible or apply olive oil to coat the hair and protect it from the chlorine. Avoid styling products which contain alcohol, as it can dry out the hair.