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The phrase "denim and diamonds" describes casual and formal wear worn together in an ostentatious way, similar to a costume that celebrates the best of both clothing worlds. Jeans and gemstone jewelry, sequins and upscale pieces combine to give people a comfortable and creative option for dressing up. Fashion shows and galas often use denim and diamonds as a theme, offering an alternative to typical formal wear that can become boring.

Dressing Up Denim

Denim and diamonds is not a literal description of the clothing pieces included in the style, but frequently jeans, jean jackets, jean skirts, jean shirts and jean dresses are part of a typical ensemble. These garments are ordinarily worn casually, but adding a well-placed formal piece or two gives the look flare and visual appeal appropriate for evening and special events.


The diamonds element refers to the clothing pieces or accessories that dress up the casual, denim pieces: clothing with rhinestones; sequined fabric; gemstone bracelets, earrings and necklaces; a sparkly bag; satin jacket; and heels.

More Clothing Options

Additional options for building on the denim and diamonds theme include wearing dresses with cowboy boots and gemstone accessories, pantsuits made with sequined or rhinestone fabrics and paired with leather jackets and heels, and metallic jackets with classic, simple dresses or blouse and pant sets.


Denim and diamonds is a common theme for fundraisers or other invitation-only events. It gives guests the opportunity to be creative and allows them to enjoy the comfort level that wearing casual and formal wear together offers. Rhinestone bracelets are a possible event party favor. Rhinestone embedded invitations and ice sculptures are further opportunities to execute the theme in a fun and attractive way. A denim and diamonds fashion show can be a standalone event or an addendum to a fundraiser.