Casual denim and other comfortable wardrobe items can look classy and elegant when paired with the right accessories and shoes. A simple, dressy up-do can also transform a casual look, as can a chic handbag or designer shoes and boots. You can combine everyday clothing items with expensive and fancy accessories to create a casually elegant style for day or night. Pair inexpensive denim and other casual clothing items with cashmere or silk for a classic outfit.

Choose the right denim or other casual clothing item. Not all denim is created equally, and if you are striving for a casually elegant look, choose dark denim, without any tears or holes. Also, make sure that your pants are the right length to complement the shoes that you choose to wear. You don't want your cuffs to be dragging on the ground.

Wear a comfortable dress in a soft, casual fabric. Make sure that the dress complements your body type, and is a flattering length. While a dress automatically gives your outfit an elegant look, a casual fabric, such as a stretchy knit, will make it appropriate attire to wear during daytime or low-key activities.

Accessorize. Denim gets taken to a new fashion level when paired with a classy pearl necklace; have fun with the colors and choose pink or gray pearls over the classic white shade. Dress up a basic jean skirt and crisp white shirt ensemble by piling on silver bangles, or by slipping on a pair of sapphire earrings. Throw long hair up into a chic chignon or bun for a classic look. Men can wear a designer watch to upgrade their look.

Pair casual, comfortable clothing items with designer shoes and bags. You can instantly upgrade your wardrobe by investing in a few quality and on-trend boots, purses and shoes. Wear inexpensive denim with of-the-moment designer heels to bring your casual outfit up a few notches on the fashion scale.

Mix luxury fabrics, such as cashmere and silk, with denim to add elegance and sophistication to your look. Invest in a few soft, cashmere sweaters or silk blouses, and pair them with inexpensive, fashionable denim jeans.