What Is Considered Upscale Club Attire?

By Lindsey Thompson

When out on the town, many fun-seekers visit nightclubs for drinking, dancing and fun. Nightclubs often enforce dress codes and require club-goers to dress appropriately, often asking that patrons dress in upscale club attire.

It is important to dress appropriately when going to nightclubs.

Male Appropriate Dress

Men should choose collared shirts and nice jeans for a night out.

The key for men when dressing in upscale club attire is avoiding torn jeans, sloppy shirts and baseball caps. Collared shirts, sports coats and nice jeans work nicely for men.

Female Appropriate Dress

Mini-dresses and skirts give women an upscale club look.

According to vegaschill.com, upscale club attire for women consists of mini-dresses and skirts, especially for Las Vegas nightclubs. If dresses aren't your style, blogger Cash McCall recommends dressy pants with a dressy top and heels.


Heels work every time for women looking for an upscale club look.

For women, dressy heels or stylish flats work every time for upscale club attire. According to Boston.com, men should stick with dressier shoes and avoid tennis shoes and work boots.

Hair and Makeup

Aim for a dramatic look when out at a nightclub.

When it comes to hair and makeup, upscale club attire calls for a more dramatic look without being overdone, according to Beauty Center.

What Not to Wear

Guys should avoid wearing work boots to a nightclub.

While still looking sexy, women should avoid unflattering outfits and outfits that show too much skin at once, according to clubplanet.com. Men should avoid wearing sports jerseys and tanks.