A semi-mount ring is an alternative to a ready-made, complete ring sold by jewelers. It bridges the gap between a completely custom-made ring and an off-the-shelf ring. It allows you to choose a setting and then choose a center stone, and have them assembled. This is popular with people who want to choose a loose diamond or other precious stone, or who already have a stone, and would like it mounted in an attractive ring setting.

The Facts

A semi-mount ring is a ring that has all of the setting details and accents, but not the main stone. The name semi-mount ring is derived from the action of mounting a ring, which describes the process of setting the focal gemstone on the ring band. Semi, meaning partial, refers to the idea that the semi-mount ring is a ring that is not fully formed. Once the stone is set, the ring is no longer a semi-mount ring.


Since the gemstone is not yet set, the nature of the semi mount-ring allows you greater flexibility. You can determine the carat weight or the cut of the gemstone, even after you have chosen the band. With the semi-mount ring, you won't be tied to a ready-made ring. For example, a ready-made ring might have a beautiful band but a flawed diamond. If you purchase a semi-mount ring, you can choose a beautiful band and go to a gemstone supplier for a greater selection in loose gemstones. There are suppliers of precious, cut gemstones in the jewelry districts of Los Angeles and New York, as well as online.


An accented semi-mount rings allows you to choose from several decorative options. Accented rings often have less common stone shapes, accompanied by flourishes in the ring band. An example of an accented ring is one with glittering pave diamonds, surrounding a centerpiece diamond. Semi-mount rings can also be used for bridal sets. You can design matching wedding bands with your initials or have an intimate message engraved on the insides of the bands. With the semi-mount ring, you can choose the gemstone separately and focus on the designs on your wedding bands. A solitaire ring is one with one focal gemstone. Though the simplest ring design, a solitaire ring may be the ring style that most necessitates a semi mount. When you wear your solitaire ring, the gemstone is the focal point. It is important to have the flexibility to choose the gemstone separately from the ring band. You can choose from a wide selection of loose gemstones, rather than settle with the diamond on ready-made ring.


Before you purchase your semi-mount ring, consider the type of gemstone for your ring. For an engagement ring, a diamond is the traditional gemstone, but you could also choose an emerald or sapphire. The second consideration for the ring is the cut of the gemstone. Because you are using a semi-mount ring, you have more options in the gemstone cut. You can opt for less traditional styles, such as a heart-shaped stone or a marquise cut. Once you have chosen the type of stone and the cut, you can easily select a semi-mount ring. Keep the aesthetics in mind while you are doing this. Also, ask for advice from your jeweler about stone sizes. Some semi-mount rings are made for certain carat ranges. If you are creating a solitaire ring, flourishes and accents on the wedding band may work. However, joining multiple gemstones with a highly decorated wedding band can appear excessive.

Where to Purchase

Your local jeweler may have a selection of semi-mount rings. When you first go into the store, he may not bring them out, as he would prefer to sell complete rings. Make sure you ask if the store carries semi-mount rings. If you are in the Los Angeles or New York areas, visit the jewelry districts. A jewelry district is a concentrated area of jewelry suppliers that carry everything you can imagine in the jewelry industry. Many stores even offer semi-mount rings at prices lower than traditional jewelry retailers. You can also find great selections of loose gemstones in the gemstone supply stores in the jewelry districts.