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Sterling silver rings are often given to others as a sign of affection. As well as being pretty to look at, these rings come with pleasant memories surrounding them, making the jewelry hard to part with. This can be problematic as time goes. A silver ring that once fit perfectly may become too tight to wear as the years go by and fingers grow. Fortunately, many metals, including sterling silver, can be stretched with the proper jewelry equipment.

Determine your ring size by relaxing your hand then sliding the ring sizer onto your finger. Adjust the sizer so it fits securely onto your hand without being too tight. Take note of the size, which is usually listed directly below the sizer chart.

Place your ring on the jewelry mandrel. Set the mandrel to the size determined in step one.

Pull the lever of the mandrel. The ring will slowly begin to stretch over the panels of the mandrel until the correct ring size is achieved.


Stretching rings works best on plain bands without any stones.


Avoid stretching rings multiple times as this weakens it.