A ring that is not evenly balanced in weight will tip to one side or the other. For instance, if the stone in your ring weighs more than the band, the ring will tend to spin around your finger. Also, if you are wearing a ring that is larger than the size you need, you will continually find the stone on the wrong side of your finger. It doesn't look good, and it doesn't feel good. But don't fret--there are several solutions to consider to stop your rings from spinning around your finger.

Use a plastic ring guard to make your ring fit tighter. A ring guard is a small tube made of clear plastic that has a slit running along it's length. Slide it onto the band of your ring after you've put it on to provide a tighter fit.

Consider using a liquid ring guard. This solution is ideal for rings with thin bands. Apply a layer of the liquid guard to the inside of the band and let it dry for at least 24 hours. Wear the ring to test it. If it still feels loose, apply another coat of the liquid guard. Alternately, dab little dots of the liquid guard around the inside of the band.

Try a metal ring size adjuster to make the band smaller. A ring size adjuster is a piece of metal that you can attach to the inside of the ring with pliers, effectively making the ring smaller. It is available in both gold and silver.

Have a professional jeweler resize your ring if it is too big. Note, however, that not all rings can be successfully resized. For instance, according to Rings.com, rings made of titanium and stainless steel are difficult to resize, and some rings with stones in the band cannot be resized.