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When lightening hair, color can only do so much by itself. Adding color can lift natural hair color approximately four shades. Stylists who are trying to push the limit and lift hair the full four shades often use hair color boosters to enhance the performance of the color and to avoid orange and gold tones.


Color boosters do not contain any ingredients that change the tone of the color selected. They are clear-colored intensifiers that enhance color performance. Active ingredients include propylene glycol and monoethanolamine.


Color-enhancing boosters are mixed directly with color before application. They are available in powder, creme and liquid form.


Boosters are used to increase color performance and give color the extra edge it needs to achieve beautiful high lift.


Boosters do not affect the color tone, but they do add extra lifting power. You can expect to get half to one shade of extra lift from a color booster. Additionally, using a booster helps reduce the likelihood of red, red-orange and gold tonal qualities in blondes.


Color results achieved with a color-boost addition are more intense and more true to color.

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