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To achieve a beautiful shade of blonde, sometimes a toner is needed to create a more natural appearance. When lightening hair with a high-lift color or bleach, it is not uncommon for hair to appear brassy or orange. A toner will assist in canceling out unattractive undertones and will also add a bit of shine.

Pour the desired amount of Redken Shades 9NA into a color-application bottle. Redken Shades is mixed by using equal parts of color and processing solution. A good rule of thumb is to mix half of the bottle for medium to shoulder-length hair. Use the measuring table on the color-application bottle and pour in an equal amount of processing solution. Redken Shades EQ Processing Solution must be used to process Redken Shades. Do not attempt to substitute another form of developer. For extra shine and gloss, you may add a bit of Redken Crystal Clear. Use one fourth of the amount of color that you put into the color-application bottle.

Pull on latex gloves to protect your hands while applying the color. Hold one finger over the top of the color-application bottle and gently shake the bottle to make sure the color is mixed. This will also help to activate the color. Do not be alarmed if the color turns orange. The color in the bottle does not reflect the finished product.

Apply the color, gently massaging it into the hair and making sure the hair is saturated with color throughout. Redken Shades may be applied to wet or dry hair. Some stylists apply Redken Shades as a toner when the foils are removed after a highlight service. The hair is washed and then Redken Shades is applied.

Allow the toner to stay on the hair for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse out the color and shampoo. Shampooing twice may be necessary to ensure that all excess color is removed from the hair. Use a deep conditioner to seal the cuticle and provide an extra bit of nourishment to the hair after it has been color treated.