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The best hair color for green eyes is determined by your personal color chart. According to Schwarzkopf professional hair products, there are four color types. These include spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each color type describes the most flattering hues according to your complexion, eye and hair color. Women tend to use the color chart method to approach hair coloring. Men, however, may follow the color chart or a simple set of rules based on their biology.

For Women with Green Eyes

Those with green eyes should follow the suggestions by Schwarzkopf based on these characteristics:

Complexion: light with golden or peach undertones Natural Hair Color: blond, dark or red Suggested Hair Color: golden blond, golden brown, golden red and strawberry blond

Summer Complexion: rosy skin with bluish to violet undertones Natural Hair Color: blond or brunette Suggested Hair Color: ash blond, ash brown, platinum blond and red hair

Autumn Complexion: light with golden undertones Natural Hair Color: dark brown with reddish hues or red Suggested Hair Color: warm red, copper tones, golden brown, coppery gold, chestnut and golden blond

Winter Complexion: light with cool undertones Natural Hair Color: black to bluish black or dark to medium brown Suggested Hair Color: mahogany, ash tones or any color treatment that accentuates your natural hair color

For Men with Green Eyes

If you want to change your hair color and have green eyes, follow the suggestions offered in the women’s section.

If you want to change your hair color, but are dealing with gray hair, follow the tips recommended by L’oréal Paris below:

  • To cover up gray hair, select the color closest to your natural hair color.
  • To balance gray hair, blend your gray with your natural hair color. You can minimize gray strands 20, 30 or 70 percent.
  • To embrace your gray, make sure the condition of your hair is optimal by using a thickening shampoo and conditioner.

Precautions When Coloring Your Hair

To guarantee the best results, take into consideration these two warnings:

  • Change your hair color with the assistance of a professional. According to celebrity stylists Ted Gibson and Kim Kimble, most women don't choose the best shade for their skin tone -- and you may end up going to the salon for a correction.
  • Don’t color your hair unless it is healthy. Nicolas Cornuot, spa director of Phyto Universe in New York City, explained that if your hair is damaged, the pigment won’t adhere well to your strands, and they end up looking streaky. He recommends a deep-conditioning a week before coloring.

On the Safe Side

If hair coloring scares you, consider these recommendations:

  • If you are spring, stick to blond and reds, just like celebrities Drew Barrymore, Lindsey Lohan and Emma Stone.
  • If you are summer, do silvery, platinum blond streaks or go with one or two darker streaks instead of coloring all your hair.
  • If you are autumn, get golden blond or coppery red streaks.
  • If you are winter, choose a conditioning treatment to allow your natural color to look its best.