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When it comes to matching fashion with fashion, from stripes to solids, it's important to choose a color scheme that complements color instead of competes with it.

What Colors Match Purple?

Depending on the shade of purple, some suit colors may look better than others. A tan- or camel-colored suit matches nicely with most shades of purple, as does a variety of gray hues. Light heather gray and charcoal gray are both complementary colors to purple. A black suit is always a safe bet, no matter the color of a dress, as black typically matches with all colors and can be considered neutral in terms of suiting. Navy blue can also match a purple dress; but the color needs to have a dark inky pigment and less of a purple undertone, or else it can be too similar in color and look like an attempt at an exact match.

Coordinating Accessories

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Instead of matching a suit to a dress, using accessories that coordinate with the dress can be an easier way to incorporate the color scheme. If suit colors are limited, opt for a tie or bow tie with purple stripes or a pattern. Similarly, wearing purple socks or a purple handkerchief can have a similar effect and will provide a pop of color that matches the dress.

Purple Shirts

Matching a shirt to a dress can be tricky; but when done correctly, it can make a couple look polished and refined. The purple dress shirt shouldn't be the exact same color as the dress, but rather in the same family. Lavender, lilac and violet can be worn with black, white, tan or gray suits, and provides a link to the dress without having to match other aspects of the suit.

When in Doubt, Wear Black!

A black suit is the most versatile, as it can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Black suits can be worn with a tie or without one, and when paired with a crisp white shirt they always looks smart. The black-and-white combination matches with any shade of purple and is a perennial style that doesn't require any planning or specific color matching.