What Does Heart & Butterfly Jewelry Symbolize?

By Serena Spinello

Jewelry is often looked at as a means of self expression and the type of jewelry a person wears can act as more than just a fashion statement. The symbolism on jewelry can be based on various factors such as personal experience, historical and iconic representations and pop culture. Butterfly and heart jewelry in particular, can signify a range of different ideas.

What Does Heart & Butterfly Jewelry Symbolize?

Butterfly Symbolism

In addition to being pretty and decorative, butterfly jewelry can imply freedom, transformation, openness, rebirth, patience, love and happiness.

Cultural Significance

The symbolism of a butterfly can also hold cultural significance. For example, it's symbolic of the soul in Greek culture and indicates the cycle of life in Christianity.

Heart Symbolism

Heart jewelry typically implies love, passion, devotion, desire, emotion and commitment.


The heart shape when used in jewelry can also be interpreted realistically. After all, it's a critical organ that the body needs to work. But the heart can also be looked at as the spiritual holder of both the body and soul.


Heart jewelry can also denote heartache or loss caused by the passing of a loved one or other misfortunes.


What butterfly and heart jewelry symbolizes can vary from person to person and by the form, colors and other attributes it includes. For example, a person may have a name or additional details on or alongside their heart and butterfly that hold personal meaning to them specifically.