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Whether you have a family heirloom engagement ring or brand new stunner, it can be tricky adding a wedding band to the mix. Some married ladies stick to tradition when it comes to wearing their rings, while others create their own style. There is no strict etiquette -- how you wear your rings is a personal choice. The biggest factors might be the shape, age and style of your rings.

On Your Wedding Day

Engagement and wedding rings are placed on the ring finger of the left hand, because the ancient Egyptians believed there was a vein in this finger that led directly to the heart. It is customary to keep your engagement ring on this finger on your wedding day and allow the groom to place your wedding band on top. A more modern option would be to wear your engagement ring on the ring finger of your right hand, keeping your left finger free for your wedding band. This is a better option if you don't have a matching set or if your band doesn't fit next to your engagement ring.

Ring Placement

After your wedding day, the placement of your engagement and wedding rings is up to you. Traditionally, women wear their rings on their left ring finger in the order they were received, with the engagement ring below the wedding band However, many bridal ring sets are designed to be worn with the band underneath the engagement ring. If your rings simply don't fit together or are uncomfortable to wear, keep your wedding band on your left ring finger and engagement ring on your right ring finger. Another option is to wear your engagement ring only for special occasions to avoid daily wear and tear.

New Bands with Vintage Rings

Often, vintage rings do not have matching bands. In this case, order a custom band made to fit, choose a vintage band that fits or wear your rings on different hands. Creating a custom band to match a vintage engagement ring ensures a perfect fit, and allows you to wear the band above or below the engagement ring. You can also look for a vintage wedding band that fits the shape of your ring and wear it above or below.

Custom Bridal Sets

Custom bridal sets are brand new rings created to fit together perfectly. If you have a solitaire or other engagement ring style with a straight band, your matching band will be straight and can be worn as you wish. Other design details feature a curvature, so the matching band is created in that same shape and fits flush to your engagement ring. A contoured band often sits underneath the engagement ring, but you can also flip it upside down and wear it above if the rings are symmetrical. These sets are always worn together.