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Farina is a hot breakfast cereal that is made out of wheat, and cooked similarly to oatmeal. It is light in color, and sometimes referred to as Cream of Wheat, as it's made out of semolina wheat flour. The taste of Farina is relatively mild, with a soft, slightly grainy texture.


Measure out the Farina. One serving of Farina equals half a cup of dried Farina. Put the Farina in a small saucepan. Add double the amount of either milk or water, or a combination of both, to the saucepan. In other words, if you are using half a cup of dried Farina, add one cup of liquid to the saucepan. Season the Farina to your taste. Some people add a pinch of salt, while others may add a sliver of butter to add a richness to the Farina.


Bring the Farina to a boil, then turn the heat down low until the Farina is simmering in liquid. Cover and let the Farina cook for about 10 minutes. Check it regularly, making sure to take the Farina off the heat before all the liquid is absorbed and the cereal burns on the bottom. Serve Farina with cold milk, brown sugar, butter or dried or fresh fruits.

What Farina is Made Out Of

Farina is made out of semolina wheat. Semolina wheat is used for more than just cereals: it is also ground into flour. Semolina flour is used as a basis for breads and pastas. It is also added into boiling water and seasoned with salt and hard, sharp cheese to make a porridge.

Nutritional Facts About Farina

Farina is considered a healthy cereal. Because Farina is made out of wheat germ and wheat endosperm, the most nutritious part of the wheat is used for the cereal. Farina is rich in iron, and enriched with niacin, thiamine and folic acid.

History of Farina

Farina was first produced by Pilsbury Company in 1898. Farina has been produced by U.S. Mills since 2001. U.S. Mills produces other breakfast cereals in addition to Farina. U.S. Mills has been around for over 100 years: it was founded in 1908, and made its first cereal: Uncle Sam Cereal, at that time.