Millet in bowl
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The beauty of rice cookers is that you can turn them on and go about your business. No more worrying about scorching your grain or having to deal with a burnt saucepan. Millet will cook very nicely and quickly in a rice cooker, taking less time to cook than long-grain rice. A high-protein, easily digestible grain, millet makes a tasty and healthy side dish to any meat, though it goes particularly well with lamb or a rich pot roast. It can also be cooked into stews and soups, or even baked into eggs.

Rinse 1 cup of whole grain millet in cool water. Though millet is a whole grain, its small size requires less cooking time than other grains. You don't need to soak it, just give it a little rinse before cooking.

Put 2 cups of water or broth into the rice cooker. As a grain, millet won't have a lot of flavor on its own. That might be just what you want, but if you would like to add a little depth, use broth instead of water.

Pour millet into the rice cooker and add 1 teaspoon of salt, or more, to taste.

Turn the rice cooker on. It will automatically shut off in about 20 minutes, which should be just enough time for the millet to cook. It will be done when it just has a little resistance to the bite. Millet holds its texture fairly well, but it shouldn't be overly chewy. When its done to your satisfaction, take the grain out and serve.


Saute onions and garlic to add to your water or broth. This will give the millet even more flavor.