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Hair gel is a popular product for controlling a person's hair and maintaining the look she wants. However, not all hair gels are the same, and different varieties will offer different results. Organic hair gels may work best for delivering nutrients to your scalp, whereas more synthetic hair gels may offer styles that wouldn't be possible without a strong hold. What benefits a person gets from hair gel will depend on what gel she uses and what that gel is formulated to do.


The main benefit of using hair gel in the first place is that it gives you control over your hair and your hairstyle. Whether you're putting your hair up into foot-long Liberty spikes (only the toughest hair gels will allow you to get away with this) or you just want to maintain a loose, fresh-out-of-the-shower look, the proper hair gel will allow you that sort of control. Without gel, your hair will dry and do whatever it would naturally do; whether that's curl, frizz or just hang limply depends on the person. The proper gels open up the field and let people access different styles.


Some hair gels, particularly those that are organic, may offer benefits beyond strong hold and an attractive look. These hair gels can be fused with organic herbs that will soak into both your scalp and your hair, providing both with nutrients that they may not be getting either because of too much exposure to chemicals or because you just aren't getting those particular vitamins in your diet. These gels may be of a particular help to those who have dry scalp or lank hair that could use some nutritional infusion.


There are some hair gels that also offer temporary color. These are mostly used for parties, concerts or other similar events since the color that they provide is both temporary and not as natural looking as genuine hair dyes might be. However, for those who may not be able to dye their hair permanently due to professional obligations, or for those who are curious what they'd look like with different color hair before they try a more permanent option, these gels may be a way of finding out. They work as a try-before-you-buy option.