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If you leave your home with your hair looking great only to find your hairstyle becomes limp and frazzled after a few hours, you're not alone. Various factors can affect your finished style such as an unusually chaotic day or even the humidity level of the environment that you are in. This article will address the most common complaints such as hair that refuses to hold your chosen style, hair that frizzes, and hair that falls flat. Making just a few alterations in your morning styling routine could make all the difference in how your hair looks at the end of a busy day.

Add volume to limp hair. Switch to an "extra volume" shampoo and conditioner. After you finish, but while your hair is still wet, massage mousse or styling gel into the roots of your hair.

Use the right drying technique to boost fine or limp hair after you shampoo. Hold your blow dryer with the nozzle pointed upwards and aimed at the roots of your hair, or bend over to dry your hair upside-down. When finished stand and lightly style your hair. Finish the style with an extra hold spray. Spray the roots of your hair first, before spraying the surface of your hair. This will lock your style into place and prevent your hairstyle from falling flat.

Find the right product to regain control of your hair. An excellent product to try is Redken Rewind. After your hair is dry, apply the gel to your hair, and smooth your hair with a flat iron. This product will safeguard your hair from the damaging heat of the iron and lock in your finished look. This works wonders on polished looks like upswept hair or chignons (buns).

Create a no-fuss look when you're pressed for time. Massage some leave-in conditioner into your hair and pull it back into a classic ponytail or French roll. These styles not only look elegant, but the conditioner will keep your hair in place as it dries.

Shield your hair from humidity by using a silicone based control gel like Sebastian Laminates, FrizzEase, or Dove Curl Defining Styling Cream. Apply the product from your hair's roots to the ends and comb gently. Allow the gel to dry for long lasting style.


If you use silicone-based gels for control, try not to comb your hair during the day. Your hair will frizz if it is combed once the gel dries. If you want to "touch up" your hair for any reason, wet your hands, and smooth your hair with your fingers to reactivate the gel. Let your hair air-dry.


If your hair is fine, don't apply heavier styling products. The excess product will only weigh down your hair and flatten your hairstyle. A lightweight styling serum applied just before blow-drying will give you better staying power.