What Are the Benefits of Couples Massage?

By Jacqueline Casey

In couple's massage two people share in the close personal experience of receiving a massage in the same room at the same time with different massage therapists. Romantic partners, friends, or family members each enjoy the same therapeutic benefits as in a traditional massage, but there are added bonuses. (See References 1)


First timers may find it easier to get a massage with someone they know. Nervousness about the process will be eased when holding hands figuratively or literally. (See References 2)


The special shared experience of a couple's massage allows two people to get to know each other. Some spas include treatments with spiritual or self discovery themes. Talking during the massage will allow two people to catch up and visit. Make sure both partners feel comfortable talking, otherwise one person may be irritated while trying to zone out. (See References 2 and 3)


Look forward to spending healing and healthy time with someone. (See References 2)


This kind of special rendez-vous may inspire new passion or rekindle old fires. Some spas offer massage packages with extras: wine, cheese, roses, or body mud masks partners apply to each other. (See References 2 and 3)


Coordinating the same massage time can be convenient when planning a special occasion. (See References 2)