Moderate to severe acne can leave behind marks on the face. Some acne marks and scars are deeply pitted and difficult to remove. Superficial acne scars can be removed easily, and have certain characteristics that can make them easily identifiable.

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The colors of superficial acne scars are typically light brown, pink or red. Deeper scarring is usually dark red or purple.


Superficial acne scars are usually dry in texture, and will tend to repeatedly peel off over time. Deeper acne scars will have rough, thick scabs that heal the same way as a cut.


Superficial acne scars are usually slightly raised, while deeper scarring is usually pitted, causing an indentation in the skin's surface.


Acne scars that are small and moderately scattered over the skin are generally considered superficial, while large areas of scarring are more severe.

Time Frame

Superficial acne scars will usually fade over a few weeks or months, while severe acne scars take up to a year to fully fade.