Uses of Lemon Oil

By Pamela Gentry

Containing many therapeutic and astringent properties, lemon oil is a popular and helpful ingredient that is used in everything from cleaning supplies to cosmetic products. Used in aromatherapy, lemon oil is effective in helping to treat many types of physical disorders.

Wound Cleansing

Essential oil of lemon is helpful in increasing the body's defense against infection, as it contains antiseptic, astringent and bacteria-fighting properties.

Aromatherapy Blends

Lemon oil is used for aromatherapy purposes and is often blended with another citrus oil, Bergamot. When the two are combined, their balancing properties are enhanced. The lemon and lime fragrance is said to help to ease depression and anxiety.


"Avoid sun exposure when using lemon, bergamot or other citrus oils," states Phyllis Balch in her book, "Prescription for Nutritional Healing."

Cosmetic Uses

Lemon oil is often added to cosmetic products such as soap, perfume and floral waters, due to its uplifting fragrance.

Cleaning Products

Lemon oil is often used in cleaning products, such as furniture polish, due to its ability to emulsify and disperse grease and oil.