By Jillian Holden

Ardell Unred hair color is designed to remove unwanted red tones from colored hair. There are three options when applying it, each designed to turn the brassy harsh look of red hair into a lustrous sheen. Do not wash your hair directly before applying it. Your scalp will become more prone to irritation and hair is likely to break when dyeing.

Make your red hair stand out.

Step 1

Review the amount of Unred in the package before purchasing. Available in three sizes, Unred is sold in single packets, .25-ounce bottles and 1-ounce bottles. The .25-ounce bottle will supply 30 washes and the 1-ounce bottle can produce 120. Consider your options before selecting a size. If you have previously tried Unred or seen the results, it is better to buy a larger bottle, saving time and money in the long run

Step 2

Mix Unred with your hair color before dyeing your hair as one option. Working with all colors, toners, tints and non-peroxide hair colors, Unred will intensify and enrich the color and sheen of red hair. Put petroleum jelly around the edges of your roots, ears and neckline before applying Unred to prevent the dye from staining your skin.

Pin your hair up to let dye sink in.

Create a soap cap as a second option. Mix shampoo, bleach, conditioner and developer to create a thin paste. Combine ingredients on a 1:1 ratio, applying them in equal amounts as you prepare to dye your hair. Part your hair into four sections to fully expose the roots. Put on plastic gloves to protect your hands from red staining. Massage mix into wet hair, working it from root to tips to coat all strands of hair. Cover hair with a shower cap or clip it up on your head and let your hair absorb the dye. Wait 15 minutes or until your scalp begins to tingle, then head on to the shower and wash it out.

Add Unred to shampoo.

Add Unred to shampoo or conditioner as a third option. This is best done after your hair has been dyed. Squeeze shampoo or conditioner on to your palm and add 10 drops of Unred to each ounce of shampoo or conditioner before washing your hair. Start at the base of your scalp and slowly move backward when washing to ensure all hair is covered. Give your hair five to 10 minutes to absorb the additive and then wash it out.