Tips on Applying Creamy Eye Shadow

By Ginger Yapp

Though most eyeshadows come in pressed powder form, there are many benefits to creamy eyeshadow. First off, cream eyeshadows are great for people with dry eyelids, and cream eyeshadows can also be applied with a finger instead of an applicator or brush without making a mess of the eyelids. Cream shadow also tends to appear more vibrant on the eyes, with color that pops more than powder shadows, and yields a velvety texture when it dries.

You can create stunning effects with creamy eyeshadow.

Use a Good Primer

Because creamy eyeshadow tends to crease and bleed more easily than powder-form eyeshadow, you will need to use a good primer on your eyelid before you put on the eyeshadow. Spread a dab of primer evenly on the eyelid and allow it to dry before you apply your eye makeup. Your makeup will stay put all day long.

Use Your Fingers

Makeup artists agree that when applying cream eyeshadow, it is best to use your fingers. Cream eyeshadows can clump up in your brush and are difficult to wash off. Your fingers will apply the cream shadow more smoothly and evenly than a traditional brush or applicator. There are synthetic brushes designed specifically for cream eyeshadows that are fine to use, if you prefer a brush applicator.

Add a Neutral, Sheer Powder

Makeup artist Michael Todd--who created his own line of cream eyeshadows--says that adding a sheer powder eyeshadow on top of your cream eyeshadow will increase the life of your cream eyeshadow. Adding the powder eyeshadow over the cream eyeshadow also makes your eyes stand out more.

Build Gradually

You don't need to use much cream shadow to get a vibrant color: start off with just a bit and build your eyeshadow gradually on your lids; using too much can make you look clownish. One tube of cream eyeshadow can last you longer than regular powder eyeshadow.

Mix Freely

Cream shadows blend together much more fluidly than powder eyeshadows, so have fun experimenting with different combinations, color and even adding glitter cream shadow into the mix. You can create tons of new colors for free and without ruining your existing eyeshadows.

Set With Powder

A translucent powder eyeshadow can be swiped lightly across your liquid eyeshadow to increase the longevity of your eye makeup. For added glamor, you can choose a translucent powder with a dash of glitter or sparkle to it to finish off your cream eyeshadow look.

Translucent cream shadows can also be used as a base for powder eyeshadows, if you prefer the look of powder eyeshadows but want the powder to stay put for longer.