Disodium Phosphate on a gray background

In nature, there are many chemicals and compounds with medicinal benefits. Disodium hydrogen phosphate, more commonly known as disodium sulfate, is used every day in both natural and artificial reactions. Disodium phosphate is particularly known for the benefits it brings the liver. These are valuable for human life, but the benefits from disodium phosphate are not limited to the body.

The Liver

The liver is perhaps the human body’s most versatile organ. It is able to function after 75 percent of its cells are dead and is absolutely vital to human life. The liver is located in the digestive system, but it takes on more roles than just breaking down food. Besides digestion roles, the liver keeps blood pure and healthy. In fact, at any time, the liver is holding about 13 percent of the blood in your body. All blood coming from the stomach and intestines must pass through the liver before returning to the body.

Disodium Phosphate

Disodium phosphate’s chemical name is disodium hydrogen phosphate. It occurs primarily in two forms. The first is a crystalline form and the second is an anhydrous form. The anhydrous form does not contain any water.


When crystallized disodium phosphate is produced correctly, it will meet a number of requirements. For one, the sample must appear pure. For every 0.5 grams of disodium phosphate, there must be 20 milliliters or less of water. This will make the sample appear clear considering the high water to disodium phosphate ratio. Also, disodium phosphate will contain less than or equal to 0.21 percent chlorine and 0.038 percent sulfate. Disodium phosphate is produced by companies for its medicinal and food benefits.

Disodium Phosphate and the Liver

Disodium has many uses, but its reputation is based on the benefits it brings to the liver. For one, it stimulates general liver activities, allowing it to operate in the first place. Disodium phosphate is used medically for liver flushing. Flushing clears the liver of harmful toxins and disease. Those with damaged or weakened livers can strengthen or even restore the health of their liver over time with flushing. Besides having the basic benefits of the liver, your body will have a better defense against infectious disease. Healthy livers actively remove pathogens from the blood, constantly preventing infections.

Other Uses of Disodium Phosphate

Disodium phosphate is used for a number of other things besides promoting liver health. For one, it maintains balance for a number of things in the body. The sodium found in disodium phosphate is the agent primarily in charge of this. For one, sodium controls the water level in the body. It also maintains blood at its proper pH, keeping it slightly alkaline. Outside the body, disodium phosphate has many uses including the production of dairy foods. It is a key component in the fabrication of pasteurized cheese and is added to milk to keep it from hardening.