Cup of ginger tea with lemon and honey on table.

The pancreas, although hidden deep in our belly, plays a major role in digestion and regulation of blood sugar. This long, flat gland is responsible for the secretion of digestive enzymes that help us process and absorb nutrients. It also secretes hormones that control our blood sugar levels. When the pancreas is in distress or overworked from food toxins, hormonal imbalances can occur, and diseases such as diabetes can manifest. One way to help out this vital organ is to periodically detoxify and cleanse the pancreas to prevent potential damage. Here's how...

Eliminate & Supplement

Eliminate intake of heavy toxins such as alcohol, cigarettes, and recreational drugs. Also try supplementing with herbal products: ginger tea aids in anti-oxidation, ginseng juice increases energy, and cedar berry promotes pancreatic cell growth. Consuming unprocessed foods helps eliminate toxins from the body and speeds up cleansing of the pancreas.


Shoot for ten glasses of water a day (mineral water preferred). Increased water intake will allow built up toxins to pass quickly through the kidneys and be eliminated from the body through excretion.

Increase Circulation

Take at least one hot shower daily, preferably just before bed. Scrub your skin gentley, but thoroughly. The scrubbing, combined with the heat will improve the blood flow to the pancreas.


Take a multivitamin every day. Vitamins aid in stimulating the pancreas. According to the American Pancreatic Association, vitamins help prevent pancreatic diseases such as pancreatic cancer.


Keep your body moving. This will help with circulation of blood to the pancreas, as well as elimination of toxins through sweat.

Perform Yoga exercises to stimulate the pancreas. "Uddiyana Bandha" yoga specifically targets the pancreas. Do this daily. You can view the" Uddiyana Bandha" technique on or click on the link in the "tips" section below.