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The human body has approximately 5 liters of blood circulating at any given time, consisting of cells and plasma, notes the Franklin Institute. The liquid portion of blood is the plasma and the solid portions of blood are blood cells. National Kidney and Urologic Diseases Information Clearinghouse states the kidney's function to sort through 200 liters of blood daily and that the kidneys remove more than 2 quarts of waste product from blood everyday. At times you may want to use alternative approaches to give your blood an extra cleanse. Keeping the blood cleansed attributes to increased health and life expectancy.

Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water per day. The University of Nebraska says water deprivation has a higher fatality rate than deficiencies from other nutrients. Water is the transport mechanism for other nutrients and elements in the body. It works to remove waste and proves essential in keeping the blood cleansed.

Start fasting. Fasting quickly removes toxins from the blood and allows for purification. While you fast keep yourself hydrated by drinking nutrient rich juices such as carrot, beet and lemon juice. Adequate water intake is essential during a fast to prevent dehydration. During a fast, the body heals itself and repairs organ damage. Before starting a fast, you should consult your physician to discuss to possible outcomes and health risks associated with fasting.

Use alternative medicine to cleanse the blood. There are a variety of herbs that cleanse the blood. Chapperal is a powerful antioxidant in nature that cleanses the blood. Red Clover purifies and corrects deficiencies in the blood. Burdock Root cleanses the blood and increases the effectiveness of the body's elimination systems, states Baseline Nutritionals. These herbs and others may be obtained at a health food store.

Do a liver and gallbladder detox. The liver is a filtering system of the body. The liver stores fat, wastes and old cholesterol deposits. The liver and gallbladder work closely together. Therefore, a liver cleanse can help to rid the gallbladder of gallstones. The cleanse will rid the liver and gallbladder from these stored wastes, and work to help cleanse your blood.

Take proteolytic enzymes prior to going to bed and between meals. Proteolytic enzymes enter the bloodstream within minutes and stimulate the immune system to consume toxins in the blood. The enzymes can be purchased at any health food store.