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The Red Devil Gas Grill was a portable liquid propane gas grill manufactured by e4L Inc. and Quantum North America Inc. It was sold from 1999 until 2002 when it was recalled for a design flaw that caused the air intake tube to overheat during grilling, damaging the supporting tripod legs, which caused them to collapse, exposing everyone to open flame. Subsequent versions were equipped without the intake tube, so the grill had to be lit below the grill grates. The grill had a grill base, lid, and collapsible tripod stand and came with an adjustable radiant heat plate, large handled skillet, an interior trivet to hold the skillet, and a canvas carrying case. Setting up the Red Devil Grill can be completed in a few steps.

Attach the grill base to the collapsible tripod legs using a Phillips head screwdriver. Adjust the legs to the height you wish to use it.

Screw the handle to the grill lid. Insert the adjustable radiant heat plate into the grill base and set it to your selected height,

Attach the propane bottle and select your desired temperature to preheat the grill.

Light the grill through the radiant heat plate with a fireplace match or charcoal lighter.

Prepare your meal and place it in the "Super Skillet." Place the skillet on the grill and cook. Use grill tools to turn the food.

Turn off the propane and remove the bottle. Allow the grill to cool. Wipe down the skillet.

Collapse the tripod legs under the base and store everything in the canvas bag.


Use the Red Devil Gas Grill with extreme caution. The Home Shopping Network and QVC, among others, recalled more than 24,000 back in 2002 (the grills were originally sold between September 1998 to May 2001.) The grills that were recalled had air intake tubes that could collapse during use, and flames from the grill could set things on fire. Do not use your grill unless it has a locking mechanism next to the air hole.