Woman with nose ring

Nose studs are a type of nose piercing, and an increasingly popular alternative to nose ring piercings. Utilizing the same piercing hole as a nose ring, a nose stud is simply a small piece of jewelry that's placed into the nose piercing, just as an ear stud is placed into an ear piercing. There are some pros and cons to obtaining a nose stud piercing that are important to keep in mind.

Pros of Nose Studs

A positive aspect of getting a nose stud piercing is that it's not as invasive as a nose ring, nor is it as noticeable as a nose ring. A nose stud piercing can be left in place over a long period of time and is a little more comfortable to wear when compared to a nose ring. Rolling around in bed or resting your head with a nose ring can become a little uncomfortable, but because a nose stud conforms to your nostril, you don't have to worry about such discomfort.

Cons of Nose Studs

Like many piercings, one negative aspect of a nose stud piercing is that it requires cleaning over time. Like any other piercing, if it is left open, the piercing can close up and must be re-done if you leave the nose stud out for long enough. Additionally, piercings on the face are more susceptible to risks such as infections or complications with piercing healing. Without proper cleaning, some bad skin conditions can arise.

Risk Prevention

To prevent issues after you get a nose stud piercing, it's recommended by the Association of Professional Piercers that several precautionary methods are taken by the person who received the piercing. The association recommends that you wash your hands thoroughly before adjusting or cleaning the nose stud piercing to help prevent infection. The piercing should also be soaked in a saline solution for approximately 10 minutes per day for the first week to help keep it clean. Regular cleaning intervals should always be performed using a saline solution.

Facial Piercing History

Facial piercings such as nose studs are part of a centuries-old tradition. Many different cultures across the world practice piercings in some form or another, whether it's done to accessorize the body or to serve as a religious symbol to the culture's gods. In other cultures, piercings were used to establish social status among varying social hierarchies.