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Proper aftercare is crucial anytime you get a new piercing, including a nose piercing. While you can easily remember to keep the piercing sanitary and unobstructed while you are awake, you don't have as much control while you sleep. This means that you have to prepare your piercing before going to bed at night, lest it get torn out or dislodged while you sleep. While it may seem like a hassle to take care of your piercing like this, it is little compared to the hassle of waking up with your nose ring missing or your nose infected.

Wear a tiny swatch of hypoallergenic tape over your nose piercing for the first two weeks to help prevent dislodging and infection.

Check your piercing carefully every morning. Some people scratch their noses in their sleep, which may result in dislodging nose piercings. If you notice irritation around your piercing in the morning, or you have dislodged your piercing more than once, wear a piece of hypoallergenic tape over the piercing at night for an added layer of protection.

Sleep either on your back or on the side opposite your piercing. Sleeping on the same side as your piercing may result in it becoming dislodged.