A nose ring can be interpreted several different ways. It can look scruffy and dirty, or it can look sophisticated and chic. Assuming you would rather look chic, this article can help. Here you will learn how to look good with a nose ring or nose jewelry.

Things You'll Need

Keep the rest of your face pierce-free. You may think piercings are really neat, but the majority of the professional world views them as disrespectful. Keep your piercings to only a nose ring for the best look.

Choose a delicate, thin hoop if you have a small featured face. You don’t want a large hoop or large jeweled nose jewelry to overshadow your entire face. The smaller the nose ring, the more tasteful it is.

Wear a stud with a colored gem or a jewel. If you choose a stud over a hoop, make sure it looks like nose jewelry instead of something stuck to your nose. Nose rings have often caused distraction when they are too small to detect if it is a nose ring or a crumb. Make sure your piercing looks like a real piercing.

Clean your jeweled stud nose ring often so that it sparkles. Another way to make sure people know you have nose jewelry is to make the gem sparkle. This can be easily done every other week with jewelry cleaner.


  • If you have a large nose, a nose ring is not the best option. It only draws the eye to the nose. instead, bring people’s gaze to your eyes by piercing your eyebrow.