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In the Middle East, nose rings are more a cultural expression than an expression of individuality, but a nose ring in the Western world has a more negative connotation. It is this negative connotation that can limit you in the working world, and in some companies, it doesn't matter how attractive your nose ring may be, they consider it unprofessional and don't allow it. However, you can increase your potential for employment or promotion by keeping your nose ring looking sophisticated and chic, rather than scruffy and dirty.

Get your piercing done properly. Getting your nose pierced is not as simple as getting your ears pierced. You do not want to have it done by a piercing gun. Rather, go to a body piercing professional to ensure you get the most sterile piercing you can, with little to no scarring.

Keep the rest of your face pierce-free. You may think piercings are really neat, but the majority of the professional world views them as disrespectful. Keep your piercings to only a nose ring for a look that allows you to express yourself but maximizes your chances of finding a job.

Keep your nose ring in proportion. Choose a delicate, thin hoop or a small gemstone. A large hoop or a large stone can overshadow your entire face and be a distraction in the workplace. The smaller the nose ring, the more tasteful it is.

Wear a stud with a colored gem or a jewel. If you choose a stud over a hoop, make sure it looks like nose jewelry instead of something stuck to your nose. Nose rings have often caused distraction when they are too small to detect if it is a nose ring or a crumb. Make sure your piercing looks like a real piercing.

Take care of your piercing. Keep your piercing clean by washing your hands thoroughly before you touch the area. If your piercing is new, watch for signs of infection, such as redness, swelling, fever and discharge. If you suspect your piercing is infected, consult your physician immediately.

Keep your nose jewelry clean. Use a jewelry cleaner to shine up your ring or stud.


If you have a large nose, a nose ring is not the best option. It only draws the eye to the nose. Instead, bring people's gaze to your eyes by piercing your eyebrow.